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Bitcoin over Lightning

How is bitcoin so greatly economized and accelerated?
Lightning allows individuals to conduct transactions off the main Bitcoin Blockchain, boosting system throughput. However, the final state of these transactions are recorded back on the Bitcoin blockchain to ensure security and immutability. Imagine you have to buy coffee from Joe’s shop downtown. You want to pay with bitcoin, but network fees and long confirmation times make it impractical. With the Lightning Network, you can open a “channel” between you and Joe to process the payment. The payment channel connects your wallet address with Joe’s, so you can pay for your coffee. Since this transaction happens off the main Bitcoin blockchain, payments are seamless and cheaper. When the transaction ends, both parties can agree to close the channel and have the final state recorded on the Bitcoin blockchain. Once this happens, all the funds in the channel are automatically transferred to Joe — payment channel = smart contract. Recording final transaction states on the main Bitcoin blockchain guarantees security. Multiple transactions are bundled together for confirmation.
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How to eat an elephant?

A metaphor for attempting a seemingly impossible task, which you believe to be theoretically possible. Now we are, as humans, afforded an opportunity to self custody our finances and futures. Exclusive of governments, banks, regulations or high costs. Our world society and economy have been built on entities who control the money and so doing control us, the people. In order for us to reclaim our financial sovereignty, for the first time in human history, WE, the people, have to unite in one economy, the human economy, the bitcoin economy. We will only achieve this through mass adoption and by using bitcoin on a daily basis. With Lightning, this is totally viable and there is a collective bitcoin community driving this adoption globally. Calling you to join the movement. Our approach personalizes this on-ramp to bitcoin. Installing confidence and teaching individuals, merchants and business owners how to use bitcoin lightning and critically empowering you with the knowledge and tools to do so in a NON-CUSTODIAL manner. The best way to enter the bitcoin community and ensure you become and remain a sovereign custodian of your own finances without ever having to answer for it. Bank-less, ungoverned, true financial freedom. This is how we contribute to eating the proverbial Elephant, the task of hyperbitcoinizating of the world?